What is Metallic?

Metallic epoxy floors are a two-component epoxy specially formulated with a metallic pigment.

The finished look of a metallic floor is smooth, glas-like with a subtle sparkle. No two metallic floors are ever alike and will differ with application technique used.

The 3D marbleized look of our metallic system makes it a five-star complement to any room and is often used for indoor living spaces.

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  • Lasting strength from 100% solids and three layers of epoxy and urethane.
  • Beautiful color movement from natural pigments of your choice.
  • Enhanced lighting via reflective, high-gloss top coats.
  • Subtle beauty from optional matte-finish top coats.
  • Optimal slip resistance with an elective anti-slip finish
  • Quick installations by skilled flooring crews
  • Effortless maintenance and easy cleaning

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